Q&A with Our Surf Head Coach – Febrie

ISA Certified Surf Head Coach and Surfer, Febrie Ardianto or Feb, was born in Malang, East Java, Indonesia, went to SMA Kutapura highschool in Kuta, and has lived in Bali for most of his life. He speaks Indonesian, Balinese, Javanese and perfect English.

We chatted with him about one of the greatest love in his life; SURFING! Read on…

How old are you when you begin surfing and who taught you?

12 years old, self tutorial, and watch surf videos

Where have you work before?

My first job was Photographer Assistant at Surf Time magazine for 2 years, and then Quiksilver Team Manager at Quiksilver South East Asia for 8 years, followed by working at Surf Board Factory, running surfboard cutting machine for 3 years. Now I am working as the Head Coach at Quiksilver Bali Surf Academy.

What do you like most about your current job?

I get to teach people to enjoy surfing and enjoy the beach which is what I grew up doing, I’m also happy being at the beach everyday.

What makes Bali such a good surf destination?

We have waves all year round and there’s great waves for beginners all the way through to professionals. Bali is one of the riches surfing destinations in the world, so learning here will mean you always have a great place to come back to and continue surfing.

What best advise you can give to a beginner?

Surfing is a lot like golf, you need to have a good understanding of basics before you can enjoy it like a good experienced surfer. It’s also such a fun, healthy lifestyle to have in your life.

Favorite beach in Bali?

Legian Beach, the place where I grew up 

Favorite place to visit in Bali?

One of my all time favorite places is Batur Lake near Kintamani in the middle of Bali. My friends and I like to go camping, ride our bikes and chillin.

If you could surf with 1 pro surfer, who would you choose and why?

Kelly Slater, so I can surf at his wave park.

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