Surf Academy Coaches

Our coaching staff are dedicated to customer safety and enjoyment as a priority.

The entire team have been professionally trained through the International Surfing Association’s coaching and instructing program, which includes their bronze medallion for Lifesaving Surf Rescue, Advanced Resuscitation and Senior First Aid International Standard.

Recognized by the international Olympic Committee (IOC) as the world governing authority for the sport of surfing, the ISA Surf Coaching & Instructing Educational Program is the international standard for accreditation of coaches and instructors in the surf school industry.

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Our Surf Academy Coaches Bio

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Febrie Ardianto – Head Coach - Level 1 & 2 ISA Certified Surf Coach

“It’s an amazing feeling being able to introduce people to the lifestyle of surfing and getting to spend part of my working day surfing as well!”

Head Coach of our Surf Academy, Feb A’s first ever job was running the original Quiksilver Surf School for Tipi Jabrick. Since then his entire life has revolved around surfing – from working for Surftime Magazine, to Quiksilver Indonesia’s surf team manager, to running the Luke Struder surfboard factory. He lives and breathes the sport. In addition to his coaching duties, we are proud to have Feb as our Marketing and Operations Manager.

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Holly Monkman – Level 1 & 2 ISA Certified Surf Coach

“I get genuinely excited about introducing people to the best experience there is… surfing.”

One of the owners of the Quiksilver Bali Surf Academy, Holly is also a high-performance coach and athlete manager. She has over 20 years of experience in the industry having worked in marketing and team management for global brands like Quiksilver, Roxy, Electric Eyewear, Globe footwear and more. As an ex professional surfer she intimately knows what it takes to make it on the world stage.

Holly specialises in private coaching for intermediate to advanced females. She can help develop your surfing ability, introduce you to competing and also nurture young juniors toward careers as travelling professionals.

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Febrie Biawak – Level 1 ISA Certified Surf Coach

“I like to see people fall in love with surfing, especially if I helped them.”

Feb B has a high energy that rubs off on anyone around him. He is quick to smile and joke, making sure those in his lessons are having as much fun as he is. A talented surfer he competes on the Balinese surfing circuit and has previously worked as a surf guide on the Island. When he’s not in the water he’s skateboarding, or playing guitar.

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