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The Quiksilver Bali Surfing Academy is supported by the world’s leading trusted surf brand Quiksilver and Roxy.

In 1969, two Torquay locals, Alan Green and John Law, turned to making boardshorts in their home garage based on what they saw as a market opportunity. Authenticity, innovation, pride, confidence and a belief in limitless potential have been the foundations in Quiksilver becoming the largest and most prestigious apparel company in the action outdoor sports industry.

The Quiksilver logo, a cresting wave and snow-capped mountain, has become a marque of excellence. Since 1969, Quiksilver has maintained its commitment to quality and performance, and taken this message around the world. Born on the beach, Quiksilver’s core concept of fashion with function has now been embraced by all who enjoy active outdoor lifestyles.

The cresting wave and snow capped mountain logo symbolises excellence and authenticity. The logo was inspired by a famous Japanese woodcut depicting a typhoon wave and Mt Fuji.

Where did the name “Quiksilver” come from? Alan’s wife Barbara was reading a novel when she came across the word ‘quicksilver’ describing something as; elusive, liquid, mercurial, changing readily – and thought that sounded similar to what Alan was trying to do with the company.

The name Quiksilver is derived from the ancient alchemists’ term for the turning of base metals into gold. The goal of the company was the turning of good fabric into extraordinary products. It was thought to be an appropriate name for the company’s products.