Why Surf With Us

Quiksilver Bali Surf Academy opened in June 2016 by Australian ex-surfing professional Holly Monkman and local Balinese pioneer Made Kasim. We bring over 25 years of both professional and surf industry experience with the ultimate goal of bringing our customers a fun, relaxed and professional surfing venture.

We promise to provide our customers much smaller and more focused surf lessons, with one coach to every four students as well as a maximum of 12 students per lesson. 

Our coaching staffs are all trained and certified under the ISA meaning they are trained professional like all other western surf schools. We also make sure all of our coaches are passionate surfers, confident ocean swimmers and practice surf safety in all of our surfing services be it a surf lesson or a Surfaris Boat tour. 

Surfing is our life and introducing this amazing lifestyle to our customers is what we believe is the best job in the world. Watching some one catch their first wave and feel the power of the ocean lift you into the healthy addiction of surfing is something we’re excited to share.

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